Welcome to AIX Health Check

Need a solution for an issue with a server running IBM's AIX operating system? Working on an audit, assessment or readiness test for AIX sytems? Just need to know what's keeping your AIX system from performing optimally? You've come to the right place! We're good at solving your issues, because we're experts on AIX systems. All of our engineers have years of experience with AIX at many of our customers, and all of them are CATE certified. We know AIX inside out. We're an IBM Business Partner. And we've developed AIX Health Check.

AIX Health Check is software that scans your AIX system for issues. It's like an automated AIX check list. Download it from our website, unpack and run it on your AIX server and receive a full report in minutes. You decide the format: Text, HTML, CSV or XML output. Have the report emailed to you if you like. AIX Health Check is designed to help you pro-actively detect configuration abnormalities or other issues that may keep your AIX system from performing optimally.

Download a Demo Version here, or take a look at Sample reports here.

You may not have the time or resources on hand to regularly check the health of your server environment. And you may not have the money to hire an expensive consultant to check your systems. But routine scans are critical for detecting configuration abnormalities and errors that may be slowing response time, diminishing availability or leaving your organization vulnerable to security breaches. The AIX Health Check automated report includes lots of inventory information. It includes all issues discovered on your AIX system, and (of course) tells you how you can resolve them. AIX Health Check does not change anything on your system; it only reports. AIX Health Check ensures you make the most of your company's investment in AIX systems and Power hardware.

You can run AIX Health Check when you want and how often you want and on an unlimited number of AIX systems. It will work on AIX 5, AIX 6, AIX 7 (including AIX 7.2) and runs on VIOS and within WPARs. It supports HACMP/PowerHA, and it currently includes 1,357 checks. It runs on POWER4 through POWER8 hardware. You can purchase the software on our website, download our software immediately afterwards, and get started today!